Thanks so much, the pics went awesome!  So much help for me!


 Debbie S - Okotoks, AB  -  November 2017


The ladies were great.  Personable but focused on the job.  I am grateful to them!

 Kristy G - Calgary, AB  -  November 2017


I was very happy with the cleaning on Thursday, and look forward to having the team back monthly!

 Brittany B - Calgary, AB  -  November 2017


Just wanted to day I was blown away by what a great job you guys did on Monday!  Thank you very much!!

 Kyla B - Okotoks, AB  -  November 2017


The realtor was by today and said the place looked great!!  Thanks!

 Brenan N - Calgary, AB  -  November 2017


The ladies did a fine job and I am most grateful!  Thanks!

 Jeffrey M - Okotoks, AB  -  November 2017

Sandy & Tianna were a great help and got everthing done that was a priority for me!  Thank you!!

Kathy R - Carlgay, AB  -  November 2017


Thank you!  My place looks awesome!

Jean P - Calgary, AB  -  November 2017


They did an amazing job.  I have had other cleaners but you guys are the best. Thanks so much.

Candace B. - Calgary, AB


Your ladies are very nice and we love how clean our house is now!!

Krista B. - DeWinton, AB


Hi!  I just wanted to pass along how great a job the cleaners did today!!  Please thank them for me:)
Sarah S. - Okotoks, AB


Thank you, it looks amazing. I am grateful.

Velva S. - Longview, AB


We were so pleased with the great job you did on our condo, and we're glad to have a regular scheduled service.  

Anne M. - Calgary, AB


Thanks so much for cleaning for us ! It was a huge relief and everything was great! We will keep you in mind for the future!

Cher L. - Okotoks, AB


I wanted to check in to let you know the cleaners did an awesome job yesterday! Please pass along my appreciation.

Kelly M. - Calgary, AB


I just wanted to let you know that the house looked great!! Thanks!

Jennifer S. -  Calgary, AB


Thank you!  Oh my gosh!  This is waaaay better than any spa day for me!

Shelli P. - Okotoks, AB


Thanks Dulcee!  It was totally amazing to come back to a sparkling house!  

Angela R. - Calgary, AB


Thanks!! Clean because of you! So much appreciated.
Danillo T. - Calgary, AB


They did a wonderful job last time!!!

Fran A. - Okotoks, AB


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that last Friday's cleaning was one of the best cleanings! They went above and beyond by not only doing a wonderful deep clean, but they also took initiative to put things away in their place and made the house look lovely. Please tell them they did a wonderful job and we really felt value in the service. Please keep up the great work. Much appreciated!

Ronnie G. - Calgary, AB


Hello, Your cleaners did a great job yesterday and Tianna made sure it all went smoothly. Very professional!  Thanks!

Margaret G. - Okotoks, AB


I just wanted to say how pleased we were with Monday's cleaning. Everything sparkled, and nothing was missed!

Katie B. - Okotoks, AB


Katie and Jess did an amazing job and I appreciated the flowers! Totally made my day...

Kelly M. - Calgary, AB


Erin did a great job today thanks!! 

Sarah K. - Calgary, AB


Will you please let Katie and Erin know that I was very happy with the job they did yesterday. It was one of the better cleans I've received.  I really appreciate that they tried to get everything done. Sorry for not giving more notice. 

Carmel W. - Calgary, AB


I am always very happy with the professional service and cleaning that we got, and I hope to use your services again in the future.

Nikki S. - Okotoks, AB


Great job and great customer service

Edel C. - Okotoks, AB


10/10 !!

 Maureen L. - Calgary, AB


Very pleased – Thanks Dulcee and team!

Jeff H. - Calgary, AB


You were courteous, professional, and efficient. The quality of work was worth the money. Thank you for a job well done

Anne M. - Calgary, AB


Thanks so much for all you guys do!

Angela R. - Calgary, AB


Everything was great, Thank you!

-         Serena Rowland


Very happy with the onetime cleaning that I received on December 22nd!  The team that came to my home were very good - very pleased with the work that they did.  So much so, that I am setting up a once a month maintenance cleaning.

-         Penny Watson


I have been having Swept away come to my home for many years.  They are always on time and never miss a cleaning.  My house feels and smells wonderful every time they leave.  If something gets missed they are very responsive.  I highly recommend these ladies, 10/10!

-         Jenn Graham



I love coming home to a clean house. As always, you do a fantastic job!  SweptAway has always gone above my expectations. 10/10

-         Heather Agar



Not sure if the ladies that came to my place this morning are new or not, I haven’t met them before.. They did such a fantastic job!  Thanks!

-         Aimee Russell



The place looks great. Dave and I are very pleased with it, and I'm quite happy I didn't need to clean before my in-laws fly in tomorrow!  Thanks!

-         Jamie Miles



My house looks amazing!!! Thank the lady so very much for me!! I will for sure be using you guys again!!

-         Amy Gill



I'm very happy with the work they do! 10/10

-         Clint Pilon



All my concerns have been addressed in a timely manner. Keep up the great work ladies!

-         Sarah Downie



Any issues we have had, we have let Dulcee know immediately.

-         Kathy Power



Would definitely recommend, 5/5

-         Debbie Chernichko



We are so happy to see what Dulcee and her staff have accomplished in such a short time. We are so proud and appreciate the end result of a job.  Thanks for allowing me to comment. Happy New Year!

-         Fran Agar



Hope you had a great holidays with your families.  I wanted to thank-you for the nice Christmas gifts you left on the final clean before the holidays; very sweet of you all!  Your girls have done a nice job with the cleanings, and we are happy to continue our services with SweptAway.

-         Sandra Mish



Would recommend to friends!

-         Cheryl Palamar


The ladies were at my house yesterday, and they did a great job as always! Thanks!

-         Joanne Hodder



As always, I'm very happy with the service that I receive.  I do appreciate your services, more than you can imagine.

-         Cheryl Miller



I just wanted to let you know what an amazing team you sent me today!  Even though the girls were only here for an hour there wasn't an area of the condo that wasn’t cleaned spotless!  The girls were cheerful and took pride in their work as they scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed and polished.  They really went above and beyond what I expected and I thought you should know what a great team you have!  Thank you!

-         Joyce Twizell



100% satisfied with the service provided :)

-         Tammy Ward



Always friendly, professional & consistent great service! 10/10

-         Dave Martin



The house looks great.  Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!

-         Laura McKinnon



We were very pleased with the cleaning.  Thanks!

-         Marsha Coxford



Quality of work, non-toxic nature of the cleaning, I have met the owner and feel comfortable allowing them on my property, ease of billing and scheduling, electronic reminders.

-         Danillo Terra



The group at SweptAway treats your home like their own. They are friendly, fun, and extremely trustworthy. Some of my favorite things after they clean is coming home and seeing a friendly note, the fresh smell in the house, and there is just a sense of calm amidst all the other chaos that is happening. They make my life easier. I can't thank the team enough for all the hard work that they do for me and my family.

-         Heather Agar



I tell most people I know about you at some point, because your service is incredible and reasonably priced. I just think that a lot of people that I know think that a cleaning service superfluous.

-         Maria Ellert



I have recommended swept away to many of my colleagues as it’s a wonderful service and I love that you only use natural products.

-         Lydia Hein



They were able to fit us in on very short notice, the team did an amazing job and we were very impressed with the work :-)

-         Alicia Irwin



Just got home and are so excited about how clean the house is! Amazing!! Kasey, Jessica & Kayla did a beautiful job!

-         Lindsey Dunham



I'm happy with the work, your teams are fast, and they show up as scheduled.  I have not had any reactions to the cleaning products.  The girls are nice people, and they don't seem to mind the weird things my dog does - like picking up their shoes. Very happy with SweptAway Green!

-         Debbie Mazurek



The service is consistent, the use of green cleaning products and the ease of rescheduling, 9/10

-         Jill Ethier



The ladies did a great job cleaning the areas of the condo that I requested. They were on time, polite, and friendly.  I was very happy with the first visit and appreciated the donated cleaning as I was quite ill from chemo. Thank you so much :)

-         Joyce Twizell



First time I've used Sweptaway...but I'm looking forward to the consistency :-)

-         Cindy Dorais



The ladies came for December and did a great job.

-         Sharlene Tkachuk



Thanks so much for the Christmas ornament, nuts and card, I really appreciate it!!  Your company is the best there is!  My house is cleaned perfectly by Kacey and her team, they are the best!  I recommend you to everyone looking for a house cleaner!  I think my mum will be calling you soon!  Thanks again for making home a beauty each month!

-         Nicola Burness



Thanks so much ladies!  I look forward to trying my new coffee tomorrow morning also.  Really lovely.  Thank you!

-         Carole Ware



Coralee and Tianna did a really nice job.  They were so friendly and thorough. Thanks so much.

-         Fran Agar



Just wanted to send a big ‘Thank You’ to Kasey and the girls for helping us with our home cleaning.  The last couple of cleanings have been great.   I meant to send an apology for the second from last cleaning for not being ready as I had mistakenly wrote down the wrong day for the scheduled cleaning.

-         Curt Santha



Thanks to you, Kasey and team today for a good clean, Dulcee!!  Much appreciated. :)

-         Julie Aragon



The girls did an awesome job again yesterday. They were running late so they had to work around us as we got home and handled it well.  Thanks so much for the coffee. That was really sweet!

-         Tammy Evans



My home looks great! Your gals did a great job!  Thank you.

-         Cindy Dorais



Thank you. Great service, I love it. It is nice to be back.

-         Carrie Sutherland

Thank you (and a special thank you to Kasey) for all the hard work over the years, thank you so very much for taking care of my house. 

-         Casey Thomas



I appreciate it very much all the detail that was done!

-         Angie Lindeman



Thank you very much ... My family is very appreciative of all your help!

-         Stacey Welch



Thanks for the follow up. So far, so good. I'm really happy with the great job your team as been doing. Please pass along my thanks to them.

-         Debbie Mazurek



Hi Dulcee, Thank you so much, our house is beautiful.

-         Carrie Sutherland



Much appreciated and we are impressed with your professionalism.

-         Tammy Korchmar



I have recommended them to neighbors and coworkers because they do a great job for a reasonable price.

-         Erin Thomas



The girls did a great job, I was really happy.  Thanks!

-         Joanne Barrett



Just wanted to let you know that the place looked absolutely amazing! I received comments from the buyer. Please pass on my thanks to the team. 

-         Jana Hordichuk



Thanks for all your team's work on our house.

-         Brenna Paterson



First of all, your girls do the most amazing job, and it makes our lives so much easier.  Thank you very much.

-         Maria Ellert



When I return back to full time hours I will gladly have your company back to clean.  I absolutely loved coming home to a clean house.

-         Tamara Assen



They are the best cleaners! 10/10

-         Jo Ann Jarvie



Thanks so much for the wonderful service!

-         Lauren Gilbert



Our cleaners do a wonderful job with the cleaning of our house and if there is anything that we are unsatisfied with they have no problem coming to fix things and addressing our issues!

-         Lindsey Ryz Jordan



Just wanted to thank you and your team of ladies for a great clean this morning!  What a treat it was to walk into a clean house.  I couldn't stop smiling. :)

-         Julie Aragon



The girls did a fabulous job cleaning on Wednesday! Very happy to have them back. 

-         Carrie Mullaly



Thanks for the clean home -lovely!

-         Maureen Lynch



I have already referred you to 2 friends, one of which you are cleaning for, and one I recommended today.  And my hubby's work is going to be calling you for their office!

-         Kathy Power



The place looks great!

-         Jill Coxford



I just wanted to thank your ladies that came by on wed they did a fantastic job and it really helped me out!  I should have done this sooner it really made my week!

-         Kim Melton



I had a chance to meet 2 of the team members. They were both hard at work and seemed friendly. We were happy with the service; things were clean and well dusted!

-         Sandra Mish



Thank you SO MUCH for the great job that Kayla, Kelsi and Kady did yesterday!

-         Lauren Gilbert



10/10 - How was spotless and cleaned properly when I got home, it was great!

-         Nicola Burness



Your team did a great job for our rental move-out clean! Thanks

-         Jen Chmilar



House looked great when the girls were done. The girls were very friendly and had no problem leaving them in the house alone. Overall cost was well worth it and it came in below the quoted amount which is always good. Great Job!

-         Curt Santha



I am very happy with the service that SweptAway provides. They are trustworthy and punctual and go above and beyond. Their quality of cleaning is impeccable.

-         Aimee Russell




-         Sarah Stetson



10/10  -  Professional, friendly and they did a very good job cleaning, I even saw a toothbrush with the cleaning supplies used, I know that's a good clean!

-         Krystal Hoover



The girls did a great job yesterday!  We were really happy with the initial clean on our home J We have only had our initial clean so far, but we were really impressed with the work they had done when we returned home later that day. Also really happy that SweptAway has been so professional and easy to deal with, great customer service.

-         Jennifer Pielak



It was like Xmas coming home. I loved it. Thank you so much! You did an incredible job.

-         Clint Pilon



Really appreciate you and your amazing crew!

-         Lorna Elder



Always happy with the service!

-         Dave Martin



They are extremely thorough and very efficient. They always do an excellent job!

Your staff is just amazing! Thank you girls!

-         Casey Thomas



Please thank your team for me - the place today was more of a disaster than usual when they got here, I greatly appreciate the work they did cleaning up. :) Thanks!

-         Jenn Thomas



Dad is very happy with "the girls" as he calls them and we are both very happy with the job they do cleaning.  They always do a great job here and at Dad's.   They are also very pleasant while they are here.  

-         Mary Fundytus



Cleaning is quite good.  Wish the same people came each week but I know this is hard given nature of the business.  Ladies are polite and the house looks lovely after the team has finished!

-         Lynn Whitestone



The house looks fantastic!!  It’s so amazing to come home to a clean home!!!  Thanks so much J

-         Lydia Hein



Looks amazing Dulcee!!! Thank you and please tell the girls I really appreciate all of their hard work!!!  Extremely professional! My house did actually "Sparkle" when you were finished. I felt completely comfortable not being here while the house was cleaned. Thank you of not only taking work off my hands, but by also doing an extraordinary job!!!"

-         Karen Moore



Please tell Dulcee and the girls we are really happy with the initial clean and think the house looks great :)

-         Brenna Paterson



Thank you so much for the Cleaning Dulcee - the house looks great!

-         Corey Blaskin



Wow!!!!! Great job!  Keep up the great work! Love the details- could actually see furniture was moved!! Xx great JOB!!

-         Julie Fedorvich 



I wanted to compliment the team on the cleaning services they provided!  Thank you!!

-         Sarah Downie



Thank you, again!! It was SO wonderful to walk into a nice clean house!! And the little packs of bath salt were a nice touch, too! Thank you so much!

-         Katie Braisher



You have been helping me out for years, and overall I am happy. Anytime something is missed it is taken seriously by the owner, and the last couple of cleans have been back to the high standard originally set. I really appreciate the help!

-         Laurie Souchotte



Personable staff that came to our home, and my shower is clean... how did you do that?

-         Vince Fowler



Ohhhh thank u, thank u, thank u!! To you and your team J got home from work exhausted after an 11hr day and almost cried J don’t want to use my toilets or kitchen or touch anything!

-         Lindsey McGaffey



Just have to say...I am so grateful to come home to a sparkling clean house! It's the littlest things that mean the most! Thank you SweptAway Green Cleaning for not just the clean house, but the toilet paper rolls folded into triangles and the bath salts on my bathtub. Those little things do not go unnoticed and show just how dedicated to Excellence a business can be.

-         Victoria Stride



We were really happy with the cleaning last week!  Thanks!

-         Miguel Aguirre



Thank you SO much… your ladies were awesome!!

-         Colleen Willoughby



They did an awesome job!! Thanks!

-         Nicolle Martens



Just wanted to let you know the girls did a fabulous job today!  My elderly mother was especially excited about all the extra touches, such as the fan paper towel, pillow arrangement, and bath salts.  She felt like she had come home to a fancy hotel.  Thank you!

-         Barb Welsh



I really like the work the team did today. I'm a happy customer J

-         Cheryl Selinger



I just wanted to say that by the time I got home last night around 10pm, after a long day, it was so nice to come home to a beautifully cleaned house and at the same time knowing that green products have been used. I can come home and be at ease knowing that I do not have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals.  Thank you again for such a great job and for making my life easier!

-         Karen Thorpe



The ladies did a beautiful job today! Thank you!

-         Amy Keith



Thank you for cleaning so well and giving me the extra time to spend with my family!!  

Very satisfied with the expertise of your employees, not ever here when they are but have no problems or concerns.  Overall very happy!! We really appreciate your hard work!!

-         Kaylea Miller



Our cleaning last week was fantastic!  Please thank the girls for me!

-         Jana Schissel



The girls did a wonderful job yesterday!!  We are very happy.  It is very nice to have detailed, conscientious cleaners!!!  Brad's stove looks amazing.  I am not sure what you did to clean up the scale on the shower door - but it looks great.  And everything else is wonderful.  It is nice to wake up to a clean house - thank you.

-         Nancy Farmer



Thank you for sending the team, they were very good!  Overall, I am very happy with the service, the ladies did a great job.  My sofas were all vacuumed very well.  This is important because we have a cat.  Thank you again!

-         Carrie Lightfoot



Today was great! Thank you.

-         Krista Brown



I'm thrilled with the cleaning. It's nice to find people who clearly take pride in their jobs :) Thanks so much!

-         Amanda Lockhart



Hey! House looked fantastic and spotless!! Thanks!

-         Jessica Allison



I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I received yesterday. My apartment looks wonderful, and I am very impressed! 

-         Laura Ansell



Hi Dulcee,

Just to let you know that the girls did a lovely job cleaning for us today.  Thank you!

-         Meredith Hodges



Thank you SO MUCH for the cleaning that your team did yesterday. (They even took the kitchen garbage out, which has become one more chore of mine since my husband tore his Achilles last month. That was so nice of them.) It's just such a blessing to us to have a team come and clean, especially these days...I walk in the door and feel like crying with gratitude, as dramatic as that sounds. SO THANK YOU!!

-         Lauren Gilbert



I am really enjoying the service and aside from these few small things that you have now addressed, I am very happy with the quality. I've never seen my faucets so shiny and my kitchen so spotless!

-         Carly Van Der Ploeg



Thank you for the amazing job you did on my home.  It was fantastic to get home from Vegas to a spotless house!

-         Trudy Hanna



Another great job!

-         Arienne Samis



I have been meaning to write and say thank you for the cleaning. Our house looked fabulous. Thanks again!

-         Brigitte Legault



Overall the cleans have been fantastic.  Thank you to your employees and their hard work!

-         Amber Lenzin



Very satisfied. We trust them and they help us deal with our temporary chaos.  Thanks for everything.

-         Almin Kassamali



We were very impressed with the quality of the cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms...they looked great! The kid’s bedrooms also were a HUGE improvement in cleanliness!!

 - Erin Thomas



I just wanted to say what an amazing job the girls did cleaning our home yesterday! We've never been so impressed with the quality of work and care that has gone into cleaning out home - there are so many little details that didn't go un-noticed.  We look forward to our bi-weekly cleanings and will give your company glowing reviews.

-         Aubri Poon

– Employees
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