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Earth friendly and environmentally safe, green cleaning services are fast becoming the all natural solution for many homes and businesses. The use of cleaning supplies that can contain toxic ingredients and irritants are being replaced by cleaners and methods that use only natural and non-toxic products. Using cleaning products that favor environmentally friendly ingredients has been proven to preserve the quality of human health and the conditions of the air we breathe. In general, green cleaning companies are held to much higher standards as the purpose of going green is not only to take issue with improving our carbon footprint, but also to address the illnesses that may arise from exposure to the chemicals that are used to create these industrial type cleaners. Chemical exposure can be held responsible for allergic reactions, lung and breathing problems, and has been proven to promote asthma symptoms. In some cases, exposure to highly concentrated cleaning supplies, on a regular basis has produced neurological disease and cancer.

In a commercial or industrial setting, going green can signify a more holistic approach to facility cleaning and maintenance that not only provides health benefits, but can also improve productivity, reduce liability and ultimately, contribute to huge savings in cost. As advancements in chemical technology make it possible to develop cleaning products that are as effective as traditional products, now more than ever businesses are taking to heart the cause of going green.

There are so many benefits of a green cleaning service, whether at home or in a commercial setting. Providing your business with a green cleaning service can improve the health of your employees which helps reduce sick days. In turn, the improvement in productivity and the general morale of the office or building occupants have also been known to increase when employees are aware that their company is taking a positive step towards improving our environment. In the long run, hiring a green cleaning service can save you money in areas that you may not have considered. Generally, most green cleaning companies use their own cleaning supplies which eliminate you having to purchase them. Your family’s health will improve just by providing a chemical-free environment, and you gain peace of mind knowing that your child is not ingesting any kind of chemical residue left over by toxic induced cleaners.

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